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Four T(h)ousand Miles Laura Purfield

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Four T(h)ousand Miles is Irish singer-songwriter Laura Purfield's debut album recorded by Steve Peavey and Josh Washam between 2013 and 2014. All songs on the album contain original lyrics written by Laura herself, while also performing Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitar and Ukulele parts. Steve Peavey provided additional Harp, Lap Steel and Guitar sounds while Josh Washam provided Percussion, Wurlitzer Piano and Backing Vocals. Photography for the album was taken by Elizabeth Runde of Sweet Magnolia Photography.

The album contains 5 tracks of acoustic original songs with a fusion of pop, folk and lyric driven music. Recorded during Laura's time in Nashville, Tennessee which is known as a center of the country music industry, earning it the nickname "Music City, U.S.A." It is named Four T(h)ousand Miles to pay tribute to the distance she has travelled both metaphorically and in reality from her small village of Julianstown in County Meath, Ireland.


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